This page of the Tiger Claw Kung Fu Academy is dedicated to my Sifu, late Grandmaster Julian Keith Duran, who was the 4th generation of the Fu-Jow Pai (Tiger Claw System) heritage with over 45 years in the art. Grandmaster Duran has trained for several years under the guidance of great-Grandmaster Wai Hong who is the sole inheritor of the Fu-Jow Pai heritage. 

Grandmaster Duran trained thousands of students around the world and has received many recognitions from within the Fu-Jow Pai federation as well as outside from other martial arts systems. From White Plains New York to Florida, he settled in Boca Raton where he opened up his school, The Kung Fu Conservatory, and continued to impact many lives including mine form the day I became his student in 1998. 

Outside of Kung Fu, Grandmaster Duran was gifted with many other talents: he was a professional drummer,  screen writer; he loved to play the keyboard and was very sufficient in a variety of delicate cooking dish just to name a few of his talents. 

Grandmaster was loved and well respected by many inside and outside of the martial arts arena. He may no longer be with us in the flesh, but we carry him every day in our hearts and his legacy of Fu-Jow Pai lives on through us, his students, and in our schools. 

He will forever be missed but he left us something that is more precious than gold itself; and many joyful memories that will always leave a smile on our face and comfort our hearts of his absence. 

“A teacher is the foundation of his student; planting the seed and core values needed to excel in their training. A student is the extension of his teacher; carrying the  knowledge he learned beyond the limit of his teacher. Building a legacy from the foundation.” ~Sifu Roberson Douge~